Schedule a Speaker

Would you like us to present an economic lesson to your class?

Currently the FREE Foundation Board of Directors teaches an economics class for middle school students each Thursday during the Fall semester at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction. The class is structured to teach the principles of free market economics using hands-on activities to demonstrate the concepts.

The FREE Foundation has access to complete curricular materials, training workshops, and a pool of trained professionals capable and willing to serve as guest instructors in classrooms as needed.

How will the FREE Foundation Help Teachers?

The FREE Foundation will empower and support teachers to give students a comprehensive understanding of free markets essential for meeting the demands of a changing world.

How will Education in Free Markets Help Students Succeed in the World?

Free market education imbues today’s youth with the knowledge that they are empowered to succeed and pursue their personal and economic goals by whatever measure of effort, ingenuity, and risk they are willing to put forth.

Preparing and supporting youth to be leaders and entrepreneurs will help them take leadership initiative by participating in their communities, small businesses, and improving their livelihoods.

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