The War on Small Business

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“The War on Small Business”

By Phyllis Hunsinger

July 1, 2020

            As July 4, 2020 is celebrated in honor of winning the American Revolution and successfully breaking away from the tyrannical rule of England, another war is being waged right now in America.  The war on small businesses has not been officially declared, but the evidence of the aggression is on full display.  After an amazing economic comeback over the last three years, small businesses were beginning to flourish again.  That was before two proverbial shots across the bow engaged small businesses in a fight for their very existence.

            The first blow to small businesses was by an unseen perpetrator.  COVID-19, now a common term in our lexicon, was introduced into the lives of Americans, and draconian efforts were taken by most of the individual states in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly virus.  Many governors issued executive orders declaring large box stores, grocery chains, liquor stores, and even pot shops as essential; the remaining businesses were classified as non-essential.  Cast away as non-essential workers were employees in numerous small businesses.  Across the United States, small businesses were closed for weeks.  These small businesses operate on a limited profit margin.  Small business owners do not have the reserves to keep employees on a payroll if the business is closed.  Closing any business, even for a relatively short period of time, is devastating, but for a small business, it often spells the demise of that business.  In the majority of states, there appeared to be little consideration for the onerous demands being made by governors to close or limit the small business operations.

            The second blow to small business was the social unrest by groups of individuals desiring to destroy the fabric of our nation. In some large city neighborhoods, the destruction of small businesses by breaking windows, defacing buildings, and stealing merchandise by out of control mobs was devastating.  These small business owners had their life savings in their businesses; they have been left with abject destruction of their property. Many of these businesses will never be able to open their doors again or they will make the costly decision to relocate. 

            According to a January 30, 2019, Office of Advocacy report, small businesses create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness, while generating 44 percent of all U.S. economic activity.  Small businesses are critical to the economy and must be protected from governmental overreach in discriminating rules and regulations whether in response to a pandemic or any other significant happening. 

            Protecting private property is one of the key responsibilities enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.  Whenever the rule of law is diminished and civil authority is complicit with riotous lawbreakers, society in general and the economy specifically will suffer for a very long time.  Celebrate freedom on July 4th.  Stop the war on small business., Phyllis Hunsinger © 2020 All Rights Reserved

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