Economic Freedom defined by Students

Thoughts on a Free Market Economy…
“Economic Freedom defined by Students”
By Phyllis Hunsinger
November 12, 2019

The 2019 Western Slope Economic Leadership Conference on November 12, 2019, featured something new this year: Student Leaders. Students registered to attend the conference were invited to apply to be a student leader during the conference. These student leaders were trained by the speakers, Dr. Donald Fell and Dr. John Brock, to assist with several teaching activities involving the large group of students. As a part of the application process, the students were asked what Economic Freedom meant to them. Their answers follow.

Tullulah Hill, a student at Fruita Monument High School, wrote: “Economic freedom means the freedom to decide for ourselves. When the government regulates our economy, it stifles growth and creativity depreciating productivity. I am a strong advocate for freedom in all things, especially economics. The outcome of economic control can be seen throughout history, from negative government-created monopolies to the inflation of the dollar. Individual or group control of the economy only leads to inefficiency, but by allowing the economy to regulate itself it naturally trends toward efficiency benefitting all parties involved. Adam Smith once said that ‘no society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable’ and it is through economic freedom that this is prevented.”

An excerpt from home schooled student, Tirzah Lawton, “Economic freedom means I can go out and find what I desire to use or have…I can create a product and supply it to others. Economic freedom is my ability to use my resources as I see fit to accomplish my goals.”

Economic freedom, as identified by home schooled student, Mindy Huspen, “is the idea that all owned things are protected and controlled by only their owner. Time, money, property, and labor- all of these things have value in our world. The possession of these things by an individual is important to ensure their personal prosperity.”

Kaden Wolf, junior at Rifle High School, wrote “Economic freedom means to me that companies and people should have their freedom to make choices on their own when it affects them as a company.” An excerpt from Taylor Miller, also a junior at Rifle High School, added something similar when he wrote, “If people could have the freedom to secure and protect their property and labor without intervention from the government, then they could have the chance to make more money.”

Katherine Zeerip, home schooled student, connected the tendency of our current culture toward socialism to the loss of economic freedom. She wrote, “Our culture today is one of entitlement where we believe we deserve certain things like welfare, free education, and equal pay or minimum wage. We are falling toward socialism and losing our economic freedom. Because we no longer take individual responsibility to provide these things within our families and communities, we look to the government to provide them. This gives more power to the government which is slowly decreasing the liberty of the citizen.”, Phyllis Hunsinger © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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