Economic and Demographic Starvation

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“Economic and Demographic Starvation”

By Phyllis Hunsinger

January 1, 2019

Thoughts in the December, 2018 blog examined the relation between the economy and population as explained in “When the Boomers Bail,” by Mark Lautman.  Economic development is about growing the economy faster than your population.

With an influx of illegal immigrants, the population in many areas of the U.S. will see economic development diminish precipitously because the population will grow faster than the economy.  Lautman identifies economic starvation in his quote, “Every year local government institutions, businesses, and households have to serve more people with less revenue while adding more debt to the books.”

This will soon be followed by a demographic starvation, described by Lautman as a smaller, less capable local labor pool. Qualified workers retiring from the work force, coupled with increasing numbers of unqualified young people leaving public education and compounded with an influx of unskilled illegal immigrants is a recipe for economic disaster.

The problem is insidious.  According to Lautman, “The Great Recession was only a painful reprieve and a costly distraction.  As the economy recovers, we’ll be right back facing the same dilemma:  jobs everywhere but no one qualified to do them.”

The failure of public education to academically prepare students with marketable skills, the impending retirement of a skilled work force, and the increasing numbers of unskilled high school dropouts and unskilled illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. are creating a perfect storm of economic and demographic starvation.  The result will be a national security crisis., Phyllis Hunsinger © 2013 All Rights Reserved

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