Thoughts on a Free Market Economy…
By Phyllis Hunsinger
October 1, 2018

Trade is defined as the voluntary exchange of goods and services. People engaging in trade must be willing to bear a cost, which is to give up something. People will only participate voluntarily when they expect to gain or benefit from the exchange. People are free to trade only if they own the property or the property rights they want to trade.

The concepts identified in the first paragraph are those being taught by the FREE Foundation in the economics class at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction, CO. The mission of the FREE Foundation is to help students and teachers learn about America’s free enterprise system, financial literacy, and economics.

The news media was invited to observe the class on Trade last week as part of the celebration marking the fifth year the foundation’s board members have volunteered to teach a 12-week economics class for middle school students. Check out the following links:





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