Graduates Need Economic Education

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“Graduates Need Economic Education”

By Phyllis Hunsinger

May 1, 2018

              The month of May means many thousands of young people will be graduating from high school across these United States.  As graduates they will be faced with many decisions:  Do I go straight to work?  Do I attend a Vocational Technical School?  Do I attend a College or University?  Do I continue to live at home or find my own place?  Should I buy a car and insurance?  Do I save for my education or take out student loans?  Can I balance a checkbook?  Open a savings account?  Complete a loan application?

            There are several on-line sources for economic education:  Foundation for Economic Education,; and Foundation for Teaching Education,  Both of these foundations provide free curriculum and educational materials for students.  There is never an excuse for high school graduates to leave school without a good grasp of economics.  It is imperative that parents insist high schools provide students with a thorough understanding of economic principles.  Understanding economic principles helps students make more informed choices.

            In Grand Junction, CO, the Freedom & Responsibility Education Enterprise, a.k.a. FREE Foundation,, is a 501c(3) organization devoted to helping students and teachers learn about America’s Free Enterprise system, financial literacy, and economics.

             Each fall, the FREE Foundation sponsor the Western Slope Economic Leadership Conference at the Colorado Mesa University ballroom.  The conference is geared toward juniors and seniors in high school, features nationally-recognized speakers, and hands-on activities to demonstrate economic principles.  The 4th annual conference will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, and there is no cost for students to attend this conference.

            Give your students a head start on success.  Provide them economic education.


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