“A Goose to be Plucked”

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“A Goose to be Plucked”
By Phyllis Hunsinger
December 1, 2017

Jean Baptiste Colbert, Louis XIV’s financial minister once said, “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least amount of hissing.”

There is an old saying, “there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes,” which describes the relationship between the individual and the State. The State might be the city, county, state, or federal government, but the State at any level only exists by taxing the individual. Thus the statement made hundreds of years ago by Jean Baptiste Colbert is patently true.

Currently the news is filled with efforts by Congress to restructure the tax code at the federal government level. Regardless of what changes are proposed, the hue and outcry by various legislators to protect their favored deductions or businesses regarded as “sacred cows” can be counted on to muddy the legislative waters.

Another ploy to keep the tax code the same is the complaint that whatever changes are made, the taxes must be revenue neutral. That is simply another way of saying the federal government will not even entertain the possibility that it will not have the same numbers of tax dollars. The State, regardless of the level, always considers the money of the individual as money for the State. Individuals may have to budget their money differently in order to survive; however, the State is never under such compunction.

Often taxes are taken from paychecks before the wage earner ever sees the earnings, thus many taxpayers do not realize how much of their hard-earned money is seized by the government. Taxpayers must remind themselves that the money they worked for is their money. As legislation is passed and more taxpayer funds are spent funding operations beyond the scope of the proper role of government, which is to provide for the common defense and secure property rights for its citizens, it is up to the citizens to complain about the escalating taxes. Get involved, call your congressman, vote for legislators who will work to help the individual keep more of their money.

As Jean Baptiste Colbert obviously knew in his analogy of the goose, unless there is hissing from the citizens coupled with action, the State, will continue to take more money from everyone.

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