The Importance of Fossil Fuels

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“The Importance of Fossil Fuels”

By Phyllis Hunsinger

August 10, 2015


Can you imagine what your life would be like without the internal combustion engine?Can you imagine hospitals and their life-saving equipment dependent on solar or wind energy? Can you imagine your life without central heat and air-conditioning? Can you imagine your life without the ability to pump water from great depths to provide adequate drinking water?

These are simply a few examples of what we as Americans take for granted every single day. Fossil fuels have contributed more than any other energy source to keep us warm in the winter, cool in the summer, transport us from place to place, and power technology and life-saving equipment to name just a few.  And the production and by-products are cleaner and safer than ever before.

Fossil fuels are always cited as terrible for the environment; however, the purpose of development has been to improve our human environment.   Individuals who place nature, meaning animals and plants, above human life may want to think carefully when espousing this argument.  Our quality of life today is a result of the discoveries, developments, and usage of our natural resources.  Thanks to fossil fuels and to knowledge and resources, the environment continues to be improved and the lives of everyone around the world are improved.

Harnessing fossil fuels mitigates the effects of extreme weather patterns. Homes and businesses are kept at comfortable temperatures, water is pumped from great depths underground, agriculture practices have changed, and the standard of living and quality of life has improved markedly as a result.  Electricity produced by fossil fuels and nuclear energy has helped mankind everywhere adapt to natural climate cycles.

In Germany, a highly industrialized country, wind and solar contribute approximately 7% of the energy needs; 93% of energy needs are met by nuclear energy and fossil fuels.  If wind and solar were viable options for cheap, reliable energy, taxpayers would not be required to support the industry; venture capitalists would be lining up for the opportunity. Instead these pro-wind and pro-solar actions are being sponsored by government because as everyone knows the government does not care if something is economically viable.  Failed green energy projects such as Solyndra have cost billions of taxpayer dollars.

You think fossil fuels are not needed in contemporary society?  Light a candle and cook over a campfire; then you can be like most of Africa.



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