Western Slope Economic Leadership Conference

The FREE Foundation hosts an annual economic leadership conference for high school students on the western slope of Colorado. The conference features prominent speakers and instructors who can explain free market concepts using student interaction for more complete understanding. The conference is held each year in the Colorado Mesa University ballroom the second week of November.  The FREE Foundation provides teaching materials to educators who bring students to the conference.

Photo Gallery


Speakers from Past Conferences

Helen Raleigh, owner of Red Meadow Advisors, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm, is the author of “Confucius Never Said,” “Invest Like a Zen Master,” and “The Broken Welcome Mat.” Growing up in China, Ms Raleigh knows the value of freedom and a free market economy.

T.K. Coleman, director of education at PRAXIS, an entrepreneurial training program in California, inspires the audience with enthusiasm as he demonstrates free market principles.

Doug Bandow, of the Cato Institute, facilitated the understanding of issues when he challenged the students in questioning if a free market economy would endanger the environment.

Dr. John Brock, world-wide trainer of teachers and economics professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, directed hands-on activities to demonstrate free markets and free trade provide more opportunities and happiness for citizens.

Don Fell, program director for Foundation for Teaching Economics, directed activities where students discover the principles of voluntary trade and supply and demand.

Conference Testimonials

“Lives were changed here today!”  Cindy Ficklin-Sharp, Grand Junction High School teacher

An awesome day…”  High School junior

“Our students really enjoyed the conference and learned a lot!” –  home-schooling parent

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