“Getting the Balance Right”

Thoughts on a free market economy….

“Getting the Right Balance”

By Phyllis Hunsinger

October 1, 2015

“There is so much at stake in getting the balance right between government regulation and marketplace freedom—and yet our educational system increasingly fails to teach our young people the fundamental workings of the free enterprise system, the system of checks and balances that restrains government from abusing its power, and the crucial role of competition and capital formation to keep our economy healthy.”  These are the words of John S. Hendricks, the founder …

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Public versus Private Employees

Thoughts on a Free Market Economy…
“Public versus Private Employees”
By Phyllis Hunsinger
April 1, 2014

What is a public employee? Simply speaking a public employee works for an organization that is owned and operated by a governmental entity. The government can be federal, state, county, or municipal. Some typical examples of governmental organizations are postal, police and prison systems, education, some health care and safety agencies, roads and highway departments, and defense; however, there are many more including organizations with government contracts.

What is a …

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Voluntary Exchange

Thoughts on a free market economy… 

“Voluntary Exchange”

By  Phyllis Hunsinger

November 19, 2013            

 Each time we go to the grocery store, a restaurant, or a fast-food service there appears to be an abundance of food available.  Have you ever wondered how this bountiful supply exists?  How do the managers know how much food to put on the shelves, in the storerooms, and on the menus?

Supply and demand might be a quick answer to the above question; however, what does that mean?  Supply is the amount …

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Thoughts on a free market economy…..

“Wealth Creation”

By Phyllis Hunsinger

October 1, 2013

The poor in the United States often own flat-screen TV’s, cell phones, automobiles, and other possessions deemed luxury items by the poor in other countries. Why is that? Why do the poor in the U.S. have a much higher standard of living than the poor in other countries?

Capitalism is the only system that can create wealth for the masses. This is true because capitalism is the only system based on private property rights, voluntary exchange, limited government, …

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